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Since this is my first blog, I'll keep it simple.

Recently I was certified as a mentor for SCORE, an SBA partner that specializes in mentoring and guiding small businesses. Surprise! There are around 11,000 mentors in the U.S., 128 in the Houston area alone, that come from every imaginable background and industry. We all serve as volunteers and our help and guidance is free for the asking at Most are retired, but not all.

Unless the mentor is an attorney or CPA the only thing we don't counsel clients on is legal or tax matters. But at recent SCORE meetings I have met attorneys and CPA's galore that I can refer my clients to. Many of the local mentors are bilingual (although that means Spanish and English in many communities, Hindi, Mandarin, Arabic and several other languages are also spoken by mentors in the Houston area).

The knowledge in the local group is truly impressive: one of the local mentors is so knowledgeable about marketing that I heard him use the term "psychographics" to describe part of a marketing campaign. I had to go look it up.


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