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This is a sample of the projects I've handled over the last 30+ years.  For the first ten years I had a staff of CPA's, an engineer and several analysts, but I discovered that most of my clients had in-house talent that just needed pointing in the right direction, with clear objectives and guidelines. Call it consulting or hands-on guidance, I help my clients most by offering personal one-on-one services.

Finance / Accounting

Funeral Home - Houston

Prepared five year business plan, installed accounting system and integrated it with an outside software firm.


Casket Manufacturer - Houston

Assisted the owner in selling his business -- developed a two year strategic program to maximize its value.  Prepared new brochures, did pre-qualification of business brokers.


Tire Retailer - Houston

Developed a four-year program to prepare the owner's son to take over the business. Integrated the company's accounting with an outside software firm.


Nonprofit Organization -  Home Owners Assn – Arizona

4,000+ members, country club, etc.

Complete overhaul of accounting.  Implemented new Chart of Accounts; shortened annual billing time from five weeks to 5 days; set up departmental accounting; trained new bookkeeping staff.


Tire Recycling Company - Houston area

Complete overhaul of accounting.  Set up company for handling rapid growth into multiple markets; counseled president on raising new capital, trained bookkeepers.


Non-profit Organization -Houston

Complete overhaul of accounting.  Implemented new Chart of Accounts; set up proper grant accounting system for this $1.8mm social services agency.  Continue to serve as outside accounting consultant.


Non-profit Organization -Houston

Interim Director of Finance - Corrected weaknesses in grant accounting.  Guided this $4mm agency through its audit.


Ethanol Trading Firm -Houston

Designed an accounting solution that integrated sophisticated logistics software with their existing accounting system.


Nursing Home Holding Company – Houston

Forensic Accounting Project that revealed and corrected serious weaknesses in accounting procedures in various facilities.


Medical Services Firm -Houston

A 550-employee firm operating in several states

Interim Assistant CFO - Overhauled and upgraded accounting.  Performed their first company-wide fixed assets audit.  Performed an internal audit of all sales tax matters. Worked with outside CPA's to strengthen management accounting procedures.  Trained senior and middle management members on analytic performance tools. Developed a cost accounting system down to the lowest operating area level.  Performed a risk analysis of all major vendor/customer relationships, identifying omissions in contracts and showing how to correct them.  Developed a model for standardizing profit analysis before and during contract negotiations with new clients.  Revenue had stagnated at $25 million for the prior two years.  After all of the above It jumped immediately to $30 million and reached $50 million two years later.  (I projected ultimately reaching $90 million.)


Multi-state steel processor -Atlanta

Interim Exec.VP.  Finance and administration. Restructured entire company; integrated Accounting and Operations computer systems; cut costs (lowered admin. expenses over $100,000); Moved financial administration from Miami to Atlanta.


International seafood company - New York, Houston

Interim CFO.  Primary task: Uncovered fraud in their Mexican shrimp farming operations.  


Mini-conglomerate – Houston

VP/Administration and Finance – (was CEO of a chemicals trading subsidiary), Responsible for every department except marketing.  In seven years helped take five separate companies from startup to almost $80 million in revenue -  


International Project Management Company -Houston

Interim CFO/Controller Replaced the existing accounting staff and trained a new team.  Set up government project accounting methodologies.  Designed a custom payroll recording system for employees assigned to a foreign client in the Middle East. (A challenging payroll problem that involved US, English and Saudi employment laws).  Reestablished arms-length procedures for foreign subsidiary to comply with tax regulations. Installed customized accounting and reporting systems and assisted in developing a multi-firm holding company. Designed an integrated forecasting and reporting model with roll-up of information from field project managers to provide senior managers with a complete overview of the entire company.


Logistics consulting firm -Atlanta, Miami

Interim CFO position.  Prepared growth strategy program; upgraded accounting; prepared comprehensive business plan; negotiated new bank credit facility.


Field service company for the power generation industry - Atlanta

Interim CFO position.  Computerized entire company; installed new accounting; trained all admin personnel on efficient practices; helped renegotiate new contracts with major customers; expanded service charge base. Negotiated joint-venture in Puerto Rico. Revenues increased over 400%  in ten months. Gross profit margin increased from less than 10% to over 40%. The company was sold less than a year later to an international conglomerate.(Trained in use of Primavera P3 project management software so company could integrate reports directly with power company clients.)


International Chemicals Trading Company - Houston/Beijing

Installed customized accounting and inventory/logistics reporting systems for US operations.  Identified serious credit exposure to a major customer and helped develop a strategy to prevent loss.


Operations/ Marketing

Hotel franchisee - Houston

Served as Asset Manager for the owner for four years, acting as go-between for the owner and the hotel chain (they had a very contentious relationship). Negotiated a new management agreement that allowed him to almost double his profit.


Heavy equipment manufacturer – Houston

Interim COO. Total restructuring.  Implemented new accounting and new marketing programs; established two divisions out of one; negotiated bank credit; settled outstanding lawsuits; computerized entire company; wrote detailed operational business plan; assisted in international negotiations. Produced sales materials and videos.


Wholesale Art distributor -Atlanta

Total restructuring.  New accounting; operations procedures; marketing program; banking credit arrangements.  Made company more financially stable and established a workable growth program through a total change in marketing strategy.


Fire and water damage control company - Beaumont, TX

Management analysis.  Management training; realigned entire operations procedures; upgraded accounting; developed two year marketing strategy designed to take the company into multi-state operations.  This company was subsequently acquired by a large conglomerate.


National distributor of foodservice equipment – Atlanta

Management training.  Renegotiated bank credit line; trained internal accountant; investigated possible acquisitions; wrote business plan for new Internet venture. Served as Advisory Director for five additional years.


New division of Japanese trading company -Atlanta

Management training of senior level management to bring entrepreneurial thinking into a new division of a typical low-risk corporate environment.


Internet service company - Atlanta

Business planning so company could be sold.


In-home service company - Palm Beach, Atlanta

Interim COO and VP/Marketing.  Prepared all operational guidelines; produced 30 and 60 second TV spots. Objective was to make this a franchisable operation for a major investor.


Cleaning equipment importer and distributor -Atlanta  

Interim COO/CFO.  Helped guide company from startup to nationwide sales. Installed accounting; produced all marketing materials; produced video materials; opened branch sales offices; trained salesmen; wrote technical materials for customers and field sales and service personnel.


Steel processor - Birmingham, Alabama

Startup company,. Prepared business plan, raised capital; installed new infrastructure; negotiated government assistance; managed logistics of all equipment acquisitions; negotiated joint-ventures. Company was sold within two years to a national firm


Heavy equipment manufacturer - Houston     

Interim Exec.VP. Arranged management buyout from parent company. Wrote 5-year business plan; raised venture capital; installed new accounting and administrative infrastructure; prepared marketing materials;


Designer bottled water distributor – Houston/Edmonton, Canada

Interim COO/CFO.  Built entire infrastructure; raised venture capital; negotiated with major bankers; prepared and implemented five year business plan for sale of the business.

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